October 2020 - Website Release
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Release Date: 15th October

Featured Improvements

  • If you’re already using the powerful Xero Integration for Purchase Orders; you can now save even more time and stop duplicate Purchase Order entry. Create a Purchase Order in Uptick and let it automatically flow directly into Xero as a Bill with a click of a button.

Changes and Improvements

  • You can now make Custom Fields 'required', making technicians and office staff fill these fields out before continuing. To read more about adding new, customised fields to your assets, properties and more, click here.

  • GST and Subtotal have been added to your Invoice List to help identity outstanding payments quicker.

  • For customers using bSecure, property front photos now update in the public portal when they are changed in Uptick. Learn more about bSecure here.

  • Navigation bar changes were implemented mid release due to some unforeseen circumstances. The navigation bar is now cleaner and takes up less room on your page.

  • Defect Quote table improvements:

    • Description text can now be highlighted and navigated.

    • Dragging and dropping line items when the table is ungrouped has been implemented to help cater for reactive works that aren't built from Remarks.

    • You can now have up to 400 line items before the table requires you to scroll through those line items. This will help navigate your quote more efficiently.

    • We believe we have made enough improvements so that text isn't cut off for certain line items.

    • Remark grouping now groups by Remark ID rather than Description.

    • Remark and asset information now shows regardless of what you are grouping by.


Purchase Order Xero integration

Efficiency improvements have been made to our Xero integration with Purchase Orders. Once you've received an invoice from your supplier or contractor, Uptick now creates a Bill in Xero the second the Purchase Order is pushed in. This saves time, keeps all your Purchase Orders in one place and cuts out the middle step of creating a PO in Xero, before creating your Bill. This change also means we can now sync the Paid status to your Uptick Purchase Order once the Xero Bill is paid.

Click here for more information about Uptick Purchase Orders and integrations.

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