May 2019 - Uptick Field Release “Brasilia”
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  • Task list is configurable allowing technicians to add additional task fields to the task list.

  • Dynamic Forms now view differently. This view provides the technician with a better experience when completing a form. When working on a task, technicians will not be able to control the “Completed” toggle in the actions section - switches will be automatically set when the form is completed.

  • Document import allows technicians to attach documents to tasks from other apps on their devices.

  • Task tolerance information is now displayed on the task list views. Tolerance has also been added to the task list filter and sort options.

App Store

The app is now available for download on the App Store - search “Uptick” and choose “Workforce by Uptick”

Users will be able to download and update their app via the Store. To ensure that users get timely updates, we recommend that users enable automatic updates on their device by going to “Settings” > “iTunes & App Stores” and enabling Automatic Downloads for “Updates”.


Configurable Task List

You can now add additional fields to task list screens. These settings can be accessed by tapping the initials from the top right of the Dashboard and selecting “Task Display Details”.


Dynamic Forms

The forms no longer rely on the Uptick website. The forms are now displayed natively in the app which makes them easier to use and gives a consistent feel with other inputs the technician uses on the device.

Along with this change, technicians will not be able to toggle the “Completed” switch for form actions in the Work/Product tab. The switch will be automatically changed once the user completes and submits the form.


Task Tolerance

Task tolerance will now be displayed on the task list screens, if the tolerance is set on the task.


The long grey bar represents the month that the tolerance range is in and the darker coloured, small bar represents the tolerance period. The triangle represents where you are right now.

The task Sort and Filter options now allow sorting by tolerance date and filtering by outside or inside of tolerance.


Import Documents

It is now possible to import documents from other apps into Workforce and add them to a Task.

We allow importing of PDF, Word, Excel and Image files. In your application (such as Files or Dropbox) locate the “Share” button (a rectangle with an arrow) or “Export” and tap “Copy to Workforce”. When Workforce opens, the list will have three sections - Last Opened Task, Starred Tasks and a List of All Tasks.


Other items addresses

  • “Extra fields” are now sorted by their order

  • Tasks that have been unassigned to technicians now disappear when refreshing the task list.

  • When creating a new Task in the app, it will be automatically assigned to the user who created it.

  • Audit date field has been added to the Service Record screen.

  • Service Levels can now be edited from the Asset screen.

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