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Creating a Do & Charge billing contract
Creating a Do & Charge billing contract
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Do and Charge billing contracts involve setting up the maintenance charges for either:

  • A charge for each asset serviced (per asset)

  • A charge to service all assets belonging to the same routine and level for a single fee (per visit)

Note: Make sure you've setup your routines prior to creating a billing contract. Routines that are not present on the property will not be selectable when setting up the billing contract.

  1. From a Property, select the Billing tab.

  2. To create a new Billing Contract, click the + CREATE button in the upper-right corner of the Billing Contracts pane.

  3. Fill out all the details on the next page to set up your contract. See the table at the bottom of this article to help you understand how to fill out each field

  4. If you want to instantly add all routines and their appropriate levels currently on the property, click Load routines from property.
    (Make sure this is a single click, as clicking again will add them again and double up.)

  5. Click Create billing contract to finish.



Provide a name for the contract.

Billing Type

For do and charge billing, select Do and Charge.

Contract Start Date

The date at which the billing contract will begin.
Once this date is set, no changes are necessary.

Contract Finish Date

The date the contract becomes inactive once the final invoice is sent. It's recommended to leave this blank for the contract to continue indefinitely.

Upcoming Dates

Review Date

The date when the contract should be reviewed.

Price Increases

Price Increase Policy

Select from the following:

  • No bulk price increases.

  • Automatically, each year by a fixed percentage.

  • Manually, by a percentage set at the time.

Date of Increase
(automatic increases only)

The date at which the increased pricing will occur.

Percentage (%) Increase to Apply
(automatic increases only)

The percentage by which the price will increase.
Note: Values are limited to 2 decimal places.


Billing Card

Leave blank to use the Property's billing card, or search for a specific billing card that will apply to this contract.

Authorisation Limit

Set an authorisation limit for how much the technician can spend.

Authorisation Ref

Any relevant purchase/work order numbers.


Provide any internal notes regarding this contract.


Click Add line item to create as many additional line items as needed.


Click Settings in the upper right corner of the page to enable.

Line items that you don't want appearing on the invoice can be unticked. All line items are visible by default.

Routine Service

Select the routines that will be included in this contract.

Only one routine can be selected per line item.


Select the levels (i.e. Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)

Multiple levels can be selected.


Select the product associated with maintenance charges.

It is recommended that your product catalog has at least one maintenance product with a price and description set up as these details will pull through when selecting the appropriate product.


Will automatically use the description of the product added but can be changed.

The size of this field automatically expands to the amount of text and has no character limit.


(Excludes tax)

Will automatically use the price of the product added but can be changed.

  • Per visit applies a single charge on the task for all asset serviced applicable to the routine.

  • Per Asset will apply a charge to each asset serviced


Click X to remove the line item.

Important Note for do and charge billing contracts: If some routines are linked to a billing contract and some are not, they will split up into seperate tasks when generated. If you don't want this to occur, ensure you've got all routines on the property on the billing contract, even with a $0 amount.

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