Products are used in a couple places across Uptick, including invoicing, defect quotes, tasks, purchase orders and even service quotes. Having them setup to do the correct job in each of these sections is ideal, as it'll increase productivity.

Products are easy to setup, here's how:

Setting up a product


Important fields to fill in on a product:


Material, Labour, Equipment, Subcontracted or Expense (these feed into profitability later).


This is internal unless the other fields are not filled in, in which it will default to this.


Useful for what you'd like to display on defect quotes to the customer, this can include scope of works to save time re-writing it later.

Account code

This correlates to your account partner, and chart of accounts.

Unit Description

Appears on the invoice, can be helpful to put this in past tense, eg. 'Completed Fire Extinguisher Repair'.

Cost price

Helps highlight profits later down the track in defect quoting and tasks.

Sell Price

Fill this in to have seamless defect quoting. If you've got multiple sell prices for different properties/customers, don't worry about it, we've got you covered. Click here to learn more about pricing tiers. Essentially, you can create 1 product, but have multiple prices for different clients/properties. Once you set the tier to the client/property, every product used on their quotes/tasks will automatically be the correct price.

How to create a product

Connecting a product to remarks:

  • Suggested products (allowing you to connect a product to a remark. For example, if you fail an extinguisher for a missing location sign, it'll suggest a extinguisher location sign to speed up the defect quoting process).

  • Replacement product (similar to a suggested product, but with a twist. If you tick "requires replacement" on the remark, the system knows when that remark is used, it requires an entire new unit. You can connect replacement products to the variants, making quoting a breeze. To put this one in an example, if you fail a 4.5kg ABE extinguisher with a remark that has requires replacement ticked, such as "Extinguisher out of date", and against the 4.5kg ABE variant on the asset type you have a 4.5kg ABE product listed, the system will know to quote that automatically. It is amazing, a simple must try!)

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