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Understanding defect quoting and suggested/replacement products
Understanding defect quoting and suggested/replacement products
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This article explains the relationship between:

  • Suggested products

  • The Requires replacement toggle on the remark type

  • The Default replacement product on the remark type

Suggested products and the "requires replacement" toggle

These are set against remark types and will allow for a shortlist of nominated suggested products to be available to select for suggesting a product for quoting when adding a remark through the app. You can still tap the Add Product button above the suggested products to add something else from the Product Catalog.

Default replacement product

This is set against the variant of an asset type. When both the default replacement product is set and requires replacement is enabled, this allows for the replace now feature to appear which can be used if there is an authorisation limit on the task. If enabled, the product does not need to be added in order for it to be quoted against the remark in the Quote Builder (this can be overridden by adding a product)

How this affects defect quoting

When the defect quote is raised, the suggested and replacement products will appear for selection and allow for the line items in the quote to be populated properly. If no products are selected against the remark, there will simply be a checkbox that displays Add to quote instead of the product suggestion.


If you go ahead and add all to the line items in the quote, the remark with no product added has no product reference, so the product field will display the Must have a product alert message.


In order to make defect quoting as convenient and intuitive as possible make sure to:

  • Have suggested products configured for all applicable remarks

  • Toggle requires replacement for all applicable remarks

  • Set default replacement products against asset variants

To learn more about how the Use and Charge and Suggest for Quote options work when adding products, check out our article explaining the difference between the two.

Replace Now and Defect Quotes

Any items added via Replace Now will not appear in the Quote Builder. This is because Replace Now is used in the context of authorisation limits on a task and therefor will be added to the service tasks and invoiced without going through the quoting process. However, on any remarks that have Replace Now enabled you can tap Add > Add Remark Only. This doesn't require a suggested product to be added as the default replacement product will automatically be set up for this remark in the Quote Builder (choosing a suggested product on this remark will override the default replacement)

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