September 2023 - Website Release

News and updates from Uptick in September 2023

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The Uptick release for September brings improvements to the purchase order process, stock control and the appointment scheduler.

Changes and improvements to come!

Purchase Orders

Release date: Friday the 22nd

  • Purchase order bills are no longer editable, encouraging staff to revert to draft and get reapproval if costs change while also keeping the purchase order as the source of truth. Note: Expense-type products such as delivery or freight can still be added when creating a bill, this will automatically be added to the purchase order.

  • To reduce double-handling and speed up processing times, purchased stock that has been received as a delivery docket will now be suggested when raising a bill.

  • To help fix mistakes, purchase order bills can now be deleted so long as that bill isn’t linked to your accounting partner and you have the ‘Can create and update purchase order bills’ permission.

  • Additional contacts can now be added to a supplier and used to override the email contact at the purchase order level, helping support suppliers with multiple departments or branches.

  • To add consistency between the invoice and bill workflows, modification of the bill’s partner UID is now allowed.

Insights & Intelligence

Release date: Friday the 22nd

  • The homepage dashboard has had a visual refresh, with more improvements to dashboards coming over the next few releases.

  • The insights and reporting landing page has also had a visual refresh, with all the reports and dashboards now linked from a single page.

Stock Control & Warehousing

Release date: Thursday the 28th

  • Our warehousing extension has had a big revamp and is now full of many more exciting features that help staff manage their warehouses much more efficiently.

    • Define which products are stocked and tracked in warehouses, and what their minimum levels are.

    • Understand what stock is on hand, available to use, reserved for future tasks, and on order.

    • See an automated calculation of what stock is required to fulfil future tasks.

    • Easily find where products are stocked across all your warehouses and transfer them much faster.

    • Edit the name and manager of a warehouse, and make a warehouse inactive.

    • A warehouse can now have a branch

  • Materials purchased on a task are no longer tracked. This will reduce unnecessary steps to set a warehouse on task-based purchase orders and inadvertently affect warehouse stock count levels.

We've made a number of changes throughout the month that you may have noticed!

Appointment Scheduler

  • Quickly rearranging a technician’s day is now possible when viewing an appointment. Simply click on the appointment before moving it or changing it's time.

  • Some final improvements to increase the speed of the appointment scheduler.

Other quality-of-life improvements have been made to the system this month

  • Staff with the ‘Can view product’ permission can now see the product catalogue and view basic information about those products.

  • You can manually set partner UIDs on invoices by clicking the ‘link’ icon.

  • The ref column on the task, quote and purchase order lists is now clickable so you no longer have to scroll horizontally to ‘View’ those items.

  • Tracking categories are now supported for Myob

  • Given the appropriate permissions, you can now download the cost and sell price of a service task from the Work tab of a task.

  • You can now add a phone number to client contacts.

  • To support our consolidated invoicing workflow, when invoicing from parent tasks, the product’s unit description will now auto-populate the invoice.

  • We’ve fixed asset photos and installation date not being visible on the Customer Portal.

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