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News and updates from Uptick in October 2023

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The Uptick release for October brings improvements to labour and products.

Changes and improvements to come!

Release date: Friday the 20th

Labour/Material Products

  • We’ve separated labour products from the rest of the product catalogue, and tidied up the forms. We’ve also added the Unit of Measure field (each / per meter, etc), and Subcategory which will help you organise your products better.

  • We’ve re-organised the Site Config in relation to Labour, grouping the related concepts (Labour rates, individual technician rates, timesheets, task sessions and multipliers can be found in the same section).

Other quality-of-life improvements

  • We’ve dropped the profitability reporting in the Jobs module as access to this report can be found in our system-wide WIP report. Simply go to Insights and Reporting > Profitability > WIP.

  • We have moved the client documents in the customer portal to the top navigation bar to take up less space.

  • Our September 2022 released AFSS and supplementary template has had some minor tweaks to align it to the NSW (Australian) government-issued template.

We've made a number of changes throughout the month that you may have noticed!

Purchase orders

  • When creating a purchase order bill, you can now see what costs are yet to be billed, saving time in identifying whether the supplier’s invoice matches the purchase order.

  • When small expenses for delivery/shipping are added to a purchase order bill, those expenses will now be tax-inclusive by default.

  • You now have the ability to delete dockets.

Other quality-of-life improvements have been made to the system this month

  • Our appointment scheduler is now easier to schedule on smaller screens.

  • We’ve fixed authorisation documents uploaded by clients not appearing on a quote.

  • We now set the salesperson on Invoices for our Myob Business integration using the task’s primary technician field.

  • We’ve made several, small tweaks to our warehouses module such as remembering previous columns set.

  • Improved the task list so you can see more tasks per page even when some tasks have large scope of works. We’ve done this by trimming some longer fields, adding a popover when you hover over them.

Note re old mobile app versions: We'll be dropping some APIs in the December release that will impact technicians who have not updated their mobile app in a while. Please ask your technicians to upgrade to at least 23.8.0 on either iOS or Android.

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