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Creating a Defect Quote in the app
Creating a Defect Quote in the app
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Failing assets and setting Remarks

Defect Quoting relies on the following so that they can be generated efficiently:

  • Placing remarks against failed assets

  • Suggesting products against the remark

When both of these are in place this will simplify the process of generating the quote.

To set a remark against the asset:

  1. From the Work tab (iOS) or Inspections tab (Android), Fail the asset

  2. Tap on the asset and select Add next to the appropriate remark

  3. On the next page, swipe down the bottom select Add Product, then choose the appropriate product from the list. Alternatively, select from the suggested products at the bottom.
    โ€‹Note: In the example animation, there is a shortlist of suggested products available at the bottom of the screen. Setting suggested products for remarks is highly recommended to make the quoting process as quick and easy as possible, whether you're quoting from the desk or the app.

  4. Select Suggest for Quote when prompted then click Save.

  5. Repeat for any other failed assets with appropriate remarks and products.




Generating and sending the Defect Quote

  1. Go the the Finalise tab of the task

  2. Tap Create Defect Quote

  3. You will see a summary listing the remarks and the products to be quoted, with a tick indicated that the product will be included in the quote.

  4. Scroll to the bottom and tap Preview to see what will be listed in the quote. Tap Close to go back the Defect Quoting screen.

  5. Tap Save as Draft, then you can tap View Past at the top of the screen to preview the what the published Defect Quote will look like.
    โ€‹If you have the Can create follow-on repair tasks permission, you can raise a task from this quote immediately.




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