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Designed for precision and convenience, Uptick’s built in Prompts and Prompt Sets are configure to align with safety, performance and legislative standards. This enables accurate servicing by providing your field staff with prompt questions which will end in a clear Pass or Fail compliance.

Once set up on your system, any assets that are tested will need to be serviced by going through prompt questions before ultimately granting a Pass or Fail for that asset, ESM or component.

You can also choose to customise your prompt questions anytime in order to help you tailor your asset testing.

Managing prompt sets

Prompts are set against Prompt Sets. Each Prompt Set can be configured to apply to specified standards, asset types and routine service types.

Viewing a Prompt Set and configuring applicable service levels

  1. Click Control Panel > Prompt Sets

  2. On the following page you can see a list of all your Prompt Sets

  3. Click View. This will take you to the specific Prompt Set page where you can see a summary of the Prompt Questions in this Prompt Set. At the top of this page you will see the standards, asset types and routine service types applicable to this Prompt Set.

  4. The checkboxes next to each Prompt question show the service levels applicable to that Prompt question and can be customised by checking/unchecking your choices and then clicking on Update at the bottom of the page.

    NOTE: As it's possible for multiple service level types to have the same frequency (i.e Annual Survey, Annual Flow Test are both annual levels) the checkboxes will be applicable to the overall frequency and not specific service level types. If you want a prompt question to be specific to certain service level types, you will need to update the prompt set and select it from the Limit to routine service level types column.


Creating/Updating Prompt Sets

  1. Click Control Panel > Prompt Sets

  2. On the following page you can see a list of all your Prompt Sets.

  3. Click Create to make a new Prompt Set or View > Update an existing Prompt Set. In both cases the following fields will need to be filled out:



Set a reference number


Provide a name


Select the standards to be applicable to this Prompt Set from the drop-down list. You can apply multiple standards.

Asset types

Select the asset types to be applicable to this Prompt Set from the drop-down list. You apply multiple asset types.

Routine service types

Select the routine services to be applicable to this Prompt Set from the drop-down list. You apply routine service types.

Adding/updating prompts

If you wish to add or edit your own asset type prompt questions, follow the steps below. If you haven't had our prompt questions applied, contact support to get this extension installed before moving forward here.

1. Go to Control Panel > Prompt Sets and View the appropriate Prompt Set.

2. Click Update. On the next page you can view, configure and add to your existing Prompt Questions

3. Fill out the fields:


IMPORTANT: Editing the type on an existing prompt will cause conflicts. If a prompt needs to be changed it is recommended that you create a new prompt and make the old one inactive to avoid errors.


Assertions allow technicians to provide free text and adds the ability to write a custom message if the result is a Fail.


Requires technicians to add a defect and provides the ability to add a remark if the result is a Fail.


Adds the ability to answer the question with free text.


Adds the ability to answer the question with a whole number.


Adds the ability to answer the question with a decimal number.


Adds the ability to answer the question with a date.


When answering the prompt question, field staff pick from a select few choices that have been configured by the company.

Multiple Choice

Allows your field staff to answer prompt questions with multiple options from a predefined list of choices.


The header option is different to the rest, it's purely an opportunity to add an informational title, amongst your prompt questions, making it easier for field users to navigate through the questions. The Label is the only thing you need to fill out here.

Example if it a Header with a Label of 'Section 1' was created:






This field can be used to add the standard's reference or any other reference you desire, this is not required, but will show up on your service report if added.


This will be the front and centre question you wish the field staff to answer. This is required.

Help text

Any further information you wish for your field staff can see about the question if need be - this will show up on the app if the question is clicked. Help text for Header question types will not show on the app.

Routine Service Type

The Routine that this question is applicable to, in case this asset type is applicable to more than one routine. This is required.

Limit to Routine Service Level Types

The specific level type (not overall frequency) that this question is applicable to.

For example a routine service type can have the following level types:

  • Annual valve inspection

  • Annual Flow Test

  • Annual Survey

The level types above are all annual levels, and when viewing the prompt set, if the Y (denoting yearly levels) is ticked, it will apply to all of them unless specifying which level type they should be limited to.

Remark Type

Add a remark type here if you wish to force field staff to create this remark type if the prompt fails. If this is not filled out, they will be able to pick from all the available remark types like normal.

Limit to Variants

The asset variants that this question is applicable to, for example, this question may not be applicable for Diesel pumps, but not Electrical pumps. If left blank, the question will apply to all variants on this asset type.


If this question is of Type Choice or Multiple Choice, you'll need to open this cell to add this question's choice options so that your field staff have options to select when answering this question.

Finally, these prompt questions can be updated or added in bulk via our importer. Read here for more information about using our importer.

How to use

Once any prompt questions have been saved on an asset type, all assets with that type will start requiring a technician, via the app, to go through these questions before signing off with a final Pass or Fail.

Uptick offers a prompt response service report that can be enabled by contacting the Support team.


View Prompts in the web view

To see the Prompt questions and answers against a service task:

  1. From a task, click the Work tab

  2. Click Service next to the service task

  3. Click View Prompts


Future Updates:

- For office staff to be able to see and edit task prompt answers and for that historical information to be shown on the asset's service history.

- For field users to see prompt answers from the previous inspection for decimal, number, text answers before filling out the answer (they won't be able to just copy and paste). This will allow field users to be patterns even if the results are passing.

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