Setting Authorisation Limits
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Setting on single task

This will be an authorised amount for the task, which can display on the app and web versions of Uptick. Steps to update this are:

  1. Update task

  2. Enter Authorisation amount

  3. Save task


Setting it on a property for ongoing purposes

This is for when you have an pre-approved limit for the property to be repaired. You can first create a property tag for each limit of approval (eg. $250, $500, $1000), then place the authorisation limit tag on each relevant property, which will be highlighted on the task itself

Note: This can be done in bulk via the properties list or importer.

Currently, there is no way to set a Authorisation Limit on the property to flow through to the tasks, only to have it as either a tag, or you could display it in service requirements as another option.

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