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Setting a contractor authorisation limit on a task
Setting a contractor authorisation limit on a task
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Setting manually on a task

  1. Go to the task and click Update

  2. Find the Authorisations section and click on Set additional authorisation info

  3. Set the limit in the Contractor approval limit (ex Tax) field

  4. Click Save

Any contractors assigned to the task will get the authorisation limit details. Email templates can also be customised to communicate these limits in the email sent to the contractor assigned to the task. To learn more about managing contractors, check out our article covering the Contractors module.


Setting against routine levels on a property

This configuration can be used when the same subcontractor is always used for the specific routine levels that apply.

Note: A subcontractor must be selected or the limits will not be applied to the task.

  1. From a property click Routines > Manage routine services

  2. Click on the appropriate level select Edit (level-name) level

  3. Select subcontractor from the (level-name) Subcontractor (ex Tax) field

  4. Input the limit in the (level-name) Subcontractor Price (ex Tax) field

  5. Click Save

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