Note: This is not available by default and needs the feature to be enabled in order to have access to the settings. If you would like this enabled please contact our support team.

Uptick provides limitation controls on Defect Quotes and Purchase Orders on a global level and a user level. The global limit applies to everyone, while the user limit overrides the global setting so that it only applies to a specific person. This can be useful when you want to set limits on technicians making defect quotes and purchase orders in the field.


Configuring authorisation limits

To access the configuration page for authorisation limits, go to People > Users > Authorisation limits.


Setting global limits

At the top of the page there are 2 fields you can set limits for:

  • Defect quote authorisation value

  • Default purchase order authorisation value

Input the desired limit in the appropriate fields and click Save.


Setting limits per user

In the table below the global settings, you can set limits per user. When set, these limits will apply to the specific user instead of the global limit. The fields you can set are:

  • Defect Quote Authorisation Amount

  • Default Purchase Order Authorisation Amount

You can scroll through the list or search for a specific user at the top of the table. Next to each user, double-click the appropriate field and put in the desired limit, then click Save Changes when done.


  • You can group the listing by service group by dragging the Service Group header to the top.

  • You can set limits for multiple users before clicking Save Changes.


Overriding limits for purchase orders

Certain users can override the configured authorisation limits provided they have the following permissions: purchaseorders | Can manage purchase orders

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