Invoicing fixed billing contracts

How to invoice fixed fee contracts

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As fixed billing contracts are set up for charging a fixed fee over a payment period rather than task-specific charges, raising invoices for these payments is handled differently to those raised from a task. To invoice fixed billing contracts:

  1. Click Billing > Billing Contracts

  2. Fixed billing contracts are automatically filtered by default. Set any additional searching and filtering criteria if required, then click the top tick-box to select all the contracts on the current page (click select all (x) billing contracts select them across all pages)

  3. Click Edit (x) billing contracts. From the resulting pop up window, select Process: Create and send invoices to invoice the selected contracts. Alternatively, to review the invoices before sending, click Process: Create draft invoices

  4. Click Apply Changes

The steps above will generate a task under the category of Billing, for which one of the following will occur:

  • If Create and send invoices is selected, a billing task will be created, the invoice will be generated then dispatched, and the task will be marked as Completed and Archived
    โ€‹Note: If there are any dispatch errors, the task will remain open allowing you to review it and make any corrections before sending. Failed dispatches can be tracked in Tasks > Dispatches

  • Create draft invoices is selected, this will only create the billing task and the draft invoice, after which you can review each task before dispatching, completing and archiving the task

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