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Billing cards are a way to keep track of client information for billing purposes. They are necessary to complete invoices as they are linked to your existing Accounting Partner account.

Billing cards can be attached either to a client or a property. The scenarios are explained below:

Note: Invoices WILL NOT be sent to the billing card contact details and will always be sent to the client/property contacts that are set up for receiving billing information.

Billing Card Connected to a Client

If a billing card is connected to a client, any task created for a property for that particular client will get billed to that client's billing card.

Billing Card Connected to a Property

If a billing card is connected to a property, this overrides the client's billing card for that particular property. I.e. you have a scenario where you want all invoices for a client to go to one particular organisation, but need this one particular property, or group of, to go to another organisation or entity, like a Owners Corporation, then you can attach a different billing card to that particular property.

Note: You can also override the billing card once the task has been created, or set a particular billing card on the task when creating a task. This gives you the flexibility to change who should receive the invoice. i.e. you did some work for a building you look after, but on behalf of an intermediary and want the service history linked to that property, you can create a billing card for the intermediary and send it to them.

Creating a billing card

  1. Select Billing from the sidebar, then billing cards.

  2. From the Billing Cards page, click the blue button labelled Create billing card. You can also do this via the property itself, and client too.

  3. Complete the billing form. The portion of the form on the right requires contact details so you can easily get in touch with the right person at the right time.

  4. Once complete, click Save billing card.
    Note: If you are dealing with an owners corporation manager, you will want to put the "care of" information in the Contact Name.

  5. Click into billing card and connect to accounting organisation either by

    1. Create new

    2. Attach to existing


Editing a billing card

  1. Find the billing card via the Billing > Billing Cards tab.

  2. View the card.

  3. Click Update to edit any information.

  4. Once a billing card is linked to the accounting partner, you must update information in that platform.

Important Note: All billing cards need to be linked to their own individual billing card in your accounting system otherwise you won't be able to send invoices.


If we need to change billing details on a billing card, will the accounting system automatically be updated?

No, the accounting system will not be automatically updated if you change an incorrect address on a billing card. You must log into your accounting system (Xero, MYOB) and update the details to ensure proper billing. We suggest updating this information on the accounting system, then syncing back to Uptick via the sync button.

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