In most cases, tenant details are unnecessary. In some cases, however, they may be needed for site access or notification of site visits.

  1. Pull up the property profile and edit the details within Contacts.

  2. Click the Contacts tab of the property and click the button labelled Update Contacts.


On the contacts page you are able to add individuals and assign their role, contact details and control who is included in correspondence, and who receives certain document items pertaining to the property.


The Role field can be customised in the Control Panel so they can appear in the list of Roles to choose from when adding a property contact. To customise Roles:

  1. Click Control Panel > Properties

  2. To add a new Role, type "-" on a new line, then on the next line type key: then type the data key for this role (no spaces).

  3. Go to the next line and type label: then the name of the Role as you want it to appear in the property contacts Role list.

  4. The format will look like the example below. Once you've finished adding roles, click Save.

-  key: newrole  label: New Role

We recommend also adding tenant details under the Access notes when provided for that reason.


To learn how to edit access details, see our article on creating Properties.

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