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Who gets emailed invoices, reports and quotes?
Who gets emailed invoices, reports and quotes?
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Uptick provides a variety of options to control who gets invoices, reports and quotes. These requirements can be set against clients as well as property contacts. This article will walk you through how to configure these requirements against clients as well as property contacts.

Setting requirements on the client

The following steps apply to editing the requirements for an existing Client, though the same process flow from step 2 onwards when creating a new Client.

  1. Click on People > Clients > Edit the Client

  2. There are 4 tabs where you can set up various requirements:


Primary contact

Primary contact details go here. The email used in the Contact Email and Contact Email CC fields will be the default for receiving invoices, reports and quotes unless a different email is provided in the other tabs


Details of who will receive invoices can be set here.


Details of who will receive reporting can be set here.

Defect Quoting*

Details of who will receive defect quotes can be set here.

*If no details are provided for the Organisation, Attention, Email To and Email CC fields under these tabs, then it will use the Primary Contact details by default.

Property contacts and their billing requirements

One a property level you can have a list of contacts with their name, role, contact details and billing requirements. Toggles are provided making it quick and easy to select which contact will receive invoices, reports, quotes and notifications. To manage property contacts:

  1. View a property > click on the Contacts tab > Update Contacts

  2. A pop-up window will open where you can a Add Contact, provide their details and toggle if they receive invoices, reports, defect quotes and notifications (you must provide an email address against the contact in order to have their required documentation successfully sent to them). Once complete, click Save Changes



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How/when are invoices, reports and quotes sent?

All of these are sent via the Dispatch function on the task. This will create draft emails that will appear on the Dispatch page, which can be edited and altered before sending. When different recipients are to receive different documentation, separate emails will be sent accordingly (i.e. recipients set to only receive quotes will have a separate email sent to them)

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