Creating Asset Types
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This article focuses on how to create a new Asset Type.

  1. In the side navigation bar, click on Control Panel → Asset Types.

  2. This will display the full list of Asset Types and some options for setup functions.

  3. To create a new Asset Type, click the ‘Create asset type’ button on the top left. This will open a new Asset Type form. There are two forms, based on the server configuration, some of the information below may not be available. Ensure you enter the advised information that is available.

  4. Enter the Asset Type details on the form.
    In the Name field, specify the name of the new Asset Type e.g. “Fire Extinguisher"
    In the Label field, specify how Assets of this type should be displayed e.g. Extinguisher {variant}
    If there is a Standard field, specify the Standard that this Asset Type should be serviced to
    e.g. “A.S. 1668.1-1998”
    For ESM's fill in the Essential Safety Measure section if it is available.

  5. Assign Applicable Assets or Applicable Routines. This will vary based on your server, click the hyperlinks for more information.

  6. If the Asset Type will be used often, check the ‘Starred’ box. This will list this Asset Type at the top of any list.

  7. Click ‘Save’.

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