Creating a new property
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Creating a new property

  1. Customer Data > Properties > Create Property

  2. Enter all Property details

    • Status - The status of the property reflects the stage at which the property is in the system. Note: Tasks will only be generated for active properties.

    • Ref - The new automatically generated reference number that has been assigned to the property as set in the configuration settings. This can be changed if need be.

    • Property name - The address and typical name the building is referred to (e.g. Parliament House, Eureka, MONA)

    • Client - Assign an existing client to the property. If it is a new client, click on Create new client.

    • Billing card - The billing card refers to the legal entity that receives the invoice against. If it is a new client and a new billing is required, click on Create new billing card

    • Tags - A classification tool that allows you to use references against the property for better filtering.

    • Billing requirements - Add additional information regarding billing the client/property e.g. bulk bill per month, cc email to owner etc. Tick the box if manual billing is required. This will disable the ability to issue any invoices through automated invoicing (Fixed Billing Contracts).

    • Report requirements - Add any additional information regarding sending reports to the client/property.

    • Access Details

      • Access Schedule: Verify when technicians can access the building.

      • Access Procedure: Verify how technicians enter the building.

      • Access code: Enter any codes required for electronic locking systems, or if there is a key required with a corresponding identification number.

      • Access note: Add notes helpful for entry procedures (eg. tenant details, preferred point of access, etc.). Verify if there are any additional entry formalities (eg. Working with Children Check at a school or child care centre).

    • Site Requirements

    • Building Attributes

  3. Save Property

  4. If you created a new billing card specifically for this property, ensure this is linked to your accounting partner. If no billing card is nominate during property setup, it will use the billing card of the client by default.

  5. Ensure the properties location has been validated

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