Setting a default technician on a property allows you to automatically assign a technician to a task. It takes into account the Service Group applied to the service so you can have a different default technician per Service Group on a property.

To add/edit a default technician on a property

Step 1: Go to the relevant property and click on the 'Services' or 'Routines' tab.

Step 2: Select the white button Allocate Default Technicians.


Step 3: Click on the Edit default technicians button.


Step 4: Match technician to the Service Group and click on Save default technicians.

NOTE: You will need to create Service Groups before you will be able to add a default technician. See this article to help you create a Service Group: Adding Service Groups.

To bulk manage default technicians

Step 1: Go to the task list and then click on the Program Maintenance dropdown button and then the Default technician allocator.


a) Select the service group applicable to what you are working on and use the filters to your advantage.

b) Select the selector widget.


c) Using the widget, select the relevant pins on the map to select the properties you wish to allocate a default technician to.

d) Select the technician you want to allocate to those selected properties for the selected Service Group by using the 'Assign Technician' drop down.

e) Click the Assign button.

Helpful tip: Use the filters to your advantage. Filter by Branch, Client Group or Due dates to help find what you're looking for.

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