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The Routine Servicing page allows you to find all the upcoming tasks for your Routine Services.

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The Routine Servicing page allows you to see all upcoming Tasks associated with your Routines & allows you to generate future Routine Tasks.

You can find the Routine Servicing page by going to Customer Data > Routine Servicing:

Using the Routine Servicing page

You will notice there are two tabs on this page:

  • Routine Services: Use this page to see your scheduled routine maintenance, and convert the schedule into tasks that can be actioned by your technicians.

    Each routine represents a requirement to conduct a specific service at a specific property for a specific date.

  • Routine Service Levels: Use this page to see your scheduled routine maintenance levels. Each routine service level shows a part of the overall routine service specifying the level of the activity to be performed.

    Use this page as a source for bulk-updates to things like Estimated Duration.

​You can use the Filters available on each Tab to find specific information for your Routine Services:

Bulk Generating Routine Tasks

Once you have filtered for the specific Routines you are looking for you can then bulk generate the Routine Tasks. To do this:

  1. Tick the Routines you want to generate Tasks for

  2. Click 'Edit X Routines'

  3. A pop up box will appear > click into the field labelled "Bulk Process Options"

  4. Select 'Generate Routine Tasks'

  5. Click on "Apply Changes"

You will see that the Routine Service will disappear from the Routine Services tab page once a Task has been generated.

Bulk amending Routine Service Levels

On the Routine Service Levels tab on the Routine Services page you will also be able to filter for specific information.

From here there are a few actions you can take in Bulk:

  • Amend Estimated Duration

  • Amend Service Group

  • Amend Contractor

Note: This will only update the level, not the whole routine service on this property.

How to apply Bulk options:

  1. Tick the Routine Service Level to want to change

  2. Click on 'Edit X Routine Service Levels'

  3. A pop up box will appear with the above options for you to amend as you need

  4. When you are ready, click on "Apply Changes"

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