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About Service Groups

You may have seen the word service groups around Uptick. It plays into multiple processes we have setup, and it is really useful when it is setup in the entirety. We often try to relate service groups to trade areas, or skillsets when explaining them. For example, service group's might be a Sprinkler, Electrical and Plumbing. This allows the tasks to split up grouped into the correct task, so the technician assigned can get the job done.

The awesome things service groups can do:

  • Split up the routines when generated into task, which are often like trade areas/skillsets.

  • Allows you to group technicians into skillsets/trades.

  • Ability to filter the scheduler by the skillset, and those who can do that skillset.

  • Easy filtering on the task list to find those tasks.

  • Assigning technicians in the geo-allocator, and applying default technicians.

Creating a service group

Note: Prior to the Starward release, these were known as Skillsets.

  1. Using the navigation bar, click Control Panel.

  2. Select ‘Service groups’ from the left column once in the control panel.

  3. Create new Service Groups via ‘Create Service Group’ button


Service Groups and Routines

Service Groups and Routines are linked so that the correct routines split onto tasks together. These are currently linked in the backend of our system, and can be updated with the Data Importer.

FAQ's relating to Service Groups

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