Forecasted appointments

How appointments derived from recurring appointments appear on the scheduler

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Recurring appointments

Uptick allows you to set up reoccurring appointments against your maintenance work so that once tasks are generated, they automatically get assigned to a technician and a time slot. This will help automate your scheduling, keep technicians informed and decrease your workload each month.

  1. Go to the Routine tab on the property.

  2. Click 'Manage Routine Services'

  3. Click on the Level you want to add an appointment to > Click 'Schedule Recurrent Appointment'.

  4. To then assign a technician to that appointment, go back to the Routines tab of that property and click View Default Technicians and add a default technician to this property. When adding a default technician, you can either keep the service group blank meaning that technician will be assigned to all appointments and tasks for that site, or select a the service group so they are only applied to the subset of tasks that apply to that service group.

Note: The Scheduler will show you upcoming recurring appointments that haven't yet been generated, make sure your "Forecast" toggle is on (seen in the Weekly image above).

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