Viewing a Task
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Select a task from the task lists either via a property (on the task tab) or the task control centre (Servicing > Tasks) and you will be redirected to the tasks page.

To view this task, select View.

Within the task view page, you have 6 sections consisting of:

Details- Update any assignments to certain technicians or rounds, update key task detail, add any additional notes including access or internal notes and issue reports or invoices to the clients.

Actions- Add sub-tasks and/or associated service tasks, or forms that need to be performed whilst on site. To read more about creating checklists and required forms that need to be filled out on the Action Group article.

Purchase Orders- Any purchase orders created for this task would appear here.

Reports- This is where all the Expected and Additional reports are located for the task. This is where you can also create and 'Peek' potential PDF's of reports by clicking 'Create' or 'Peek' next to the report type.


Sessions- This is the tab that will show all the sessions the technicians have created. For the technicians to create these sessions, they will need to press 'Play' and 'Pause' on their iPads.

Documents- Add photos or documents associated with the task (e.g. Work order request). Documents can only be added to a task after the task has been created.

Value Allocation- Task value allocation by the technician is located here, this value is created with the task is issued with an invoice.

Forms- Create a Web form that needs to be filled out by a technician.

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