January 2020 - Website Release
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Welcome to the new year! Here's our first release to start things off. We've kept it relatively small, avoiding too many surprises while everyone is still kicking into gear. Goes out 16th Jan 2020.


We've added more configurability to our recently-revamped dispatch page, allowing you to now customise the email subject and recipients on the fly if you need to make small adjustments prior to pushing out your dispatches.


As you can see above, once you start editing either the recipients and/or subject line, you will not be able to touch the left hand side to add more attachments. You'll have to instead refresh the page and delete your edits before adding more attachments.

Other Changes

  • Clients

    • Client Contacts can now be configured from the "Contacts" tab on the Client. This page is purely just to help users store extra contact information other than the recipients getting invoices, reports and quotes.

    • The "Create default Billing Card" button you see when creating a new client has been removed. You can still use the quick create option next to the Billing Card field, to create a Billing Card on the fly when creating a Client.

  • Tasks

    • Task Session Types now have an "On site" flag, which describes whether or not the technician is expected to be on site during the given Task Session. This is useful for the Technician Activity views in Insights and Reporting, to see discrepancies between start/stop locations and the site address.

      • We've made some significant changes behind the scenes to how Products suggested by technicians out in the field are stored, moving things from a Task context to a Remark context. What this means is that in coming releases (both mobile and web) you'll start seeing these Products appearing directly against Remarks, and persisting across multiple Tasks, until the Remark is resolved. This will save technicians from needing to re-suggest the same Products over and over for Remarks that have been open for a while.

  • Routines

    • "Generated" filter on the Routines list has been removed. Use the "Status" filter instead. Filter for PENDING to get all ungenerated Routines.

  • Appointments

    • The Appointments list now shows when an appointment reminder was last sent.

  • Products

    • The Product pricing table now freezes the header columns and rows, to allow easier lookup of prices in large tables.

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