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September 2021 - Uptick Android Field Release (21.9.0)
September 2021 - Uptick Android Field Release (21.9.0)
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We aim to release this version on Wednesday 1st of September. Users will automatically receive this update over a seven day period.

Featured Improvements

  • The digital Floor plans module is now available on the Android app! You can arrange, service assets and carry out repairs using a digital floorplan.

  • Managing appointments is now possible for field users - add, edit and cancel their appointments from the app (providing that they have the appropriate permissions).

Changes and Improvements

  • The app has now been optimised for use on tablets in order to better utilise the screen space that comes with using a tablet.

  • Deep-linking is now supported, which means that you can tap on an Uptick link from another application and it will open Workforce on the correct task.


Floor plans

You can now use the Floor plans module on the Uptick Andriod app, like its iOS version, to digitally place assets on a site floor plan to reduce the time it usually takes to locate assets throughout entire buildings and across multiple floors. The feature allows field users to easily and quickly perform the following actions:

  • Place assets onto a plan. Field users can either place existing or create new assets.

  • Servicing and Repair work is displayed on the plan allowing field users to quickly find and begin working on assets.


Note: the current Android app does not allow field users to upload new floor plans - this functionality is planned for later this year. In the meantime, plans can be uploaded via the Web or the iOS app.

Manage Appointments

Appointments can now be Added, Edited and Cancelled by field users, allowing field users to efficiently manage their work for the week/month, cancel or rescheduled appointments, as well as allowing office staff to better see their workload and availability.

Appointments can either be added from the Task List or by opening a Task and scrolling to the "Appointments" section.



The mobile app is designed and developed with you in mind. If there is anything that the app lacks, something that doesn’t work as you expect, or something that would make your day easier, please let us know! The feedback we receive from you is what drives all the changes we make.

Sending feedback is easy - in the app, go to the “About” tab and tap on our support email address or our phone number to get in touch.

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