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September 2021 - Uptick iOS Field Release "Tallinn"
September 2021 - Uptick iOS Field Release "Tallinn"
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We aim to release this version on Monday 30th of August. Users will automatically receive this update over a seven day period.

Changes and Improvements

This release brings a number of enhancement and incremental improvements to the app which should help to make your day more productive.

  • Edit Asset Screen has been re-arranged to make it easier to find the details that need to be updated. The grouping of fields has been improved and field users can now expand and collapse these groupings. Additionally, fields that are only applicable to Essential Safety Measures (ESMs) are no longer displayed if the asset is not an ESM.

  • Testing Prompts have been restyled making them clearer and easier to complete. In addition to the new style, when a prompt is clicked on, a new Details screen displays help and allows a field user to add a remark to any prompt answer. We've also now support Date, Multi-choice and Header prompt questions, as seen below, in order to cater for more types of questions needed to align with industry testing. Changes have been made to the website to cater for restyle.

    • Date: Office staff can add date prompt questions in which field staff have to input dates upon answering.

    • Choice: This option is yet to be configurable to office staff, but will be available in the next web release, this allows field users to select an item from a predefined list of options set up by the office.

    • Headers: Office staff can add header prompt questions which are informational headers that can be ordered amongst questions, making it easier for field users to navigate through the questions.


Read here for more information about website prompt changes.

  • Our Floor plans module, rearranging assets has now become quicker with the ability to place an asset onto a floor plan from the plan Asset Search feature.

  • UK Localisation 🇬🇧 is now supported and servers configured in this region will see the correct currency symbol and other localised terms.


The mobile app is designed and developed with you in mind. If there is anything that the app lacks, something that doesn’t work as you expect, or something that would make your day easier, please let us know! The feedback we receive from you is what drives all the changes we make.

Sending feedback is easy - in the app, go to the “About” tab and tap on our support email address or our phone number to get in touch.

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