March 2021 - Uptick iOS Field Release "Papeete"
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We aim to release this version on Monday 15th of March. Please note that this version requires iOS 12 or newer. To check that you are using the latest version of iOS, go to Settings > General > Software.

This release update is for Apple devices only (IOS), not Andriod.

Changes and Improvements

  • The task dispatch has been refreshed and made easier to use with some handy additions and changes.

  • The process of setting a property location has been improved. After tapping "Set Location" from the task details screen you can move the pin around a map before confirming the property location.

  • The Dashboard has had a few improvements made so that the insights are more powerful and robust.

  • Help text added to Custom Fields now displays on the App so that fields can hopefully be completed with more accuracy. To read more about setting up customised fields on your system, click here.

  • Items on repair tasks (created from a quote) can now not be edited as items that have been quoted should not be changed. More specifically, the type of product applied, the quantity of the product and the notes on the product.

  • Property contacts details now include the contact's organisation.


1. Dispatching

Task dispatch has been refreshed and made easier to use with some handy additions.

- Field users will now simply click on the report line to preview it, rather than clicking the inconspicuous 'eyeball' icon.

- Billing and Reporting requirements on the Client or Property will now show to field staff before dispatching if applicable.

- Customers who are configured to use routines can now preview and dispatch all their 'expected' reports (not just the Service Report). If you have extra routine based reports such as a specific Fire Door or Penetration report, you can set up these reports to be 'Expected' on Tasks if a certain Routine is being serviced on that task (on top of your usual Service Report). Being an Expected report means not only will the field user be able to dispatch it, it will also mean that when the office dispatches from the Web, these reports will be pre-ticked for you to send. Contact Support to get any of your routine based reports set up.

- The Invoicing section (ability to preview and send invoice) will completely disappear if Manual Billing is set on the Client or Property, as well as if the field user doesn't have the 'Can create invoices via dispatch' permission.

- If Manual Reporting is set on the Client or Property, the two blue, dispatching buttons will still disappear like usual.


2. Dashboard Improvements

- The Session (hours) for a given day chart is now displayed as the first chart viewed when opening your Dashboard as this information is much more powerful to field staff, more often. Field staff can use this chart to determine total performed labour on tasks for that day and how accurate they were when starting and stopping sessions and thus helping their managers understand labour and profits. For customers who use our Timesheets module, you will also be able to see a breakdown of submitted versus un-submitted sessions making it easy to ensure that you have completed your timesheets. The previous Recent Work Completed graph can be accessed by swiping right.

- The Overdue counter will only consider tasks that are in the "Ready" and "In Progress" task status stages so the figure is much more useable for field staff determining overdue tasks that need to be completed.

- Instead of displaying tasks that are due today, we now display a count of tasks that are due soon (within the next three days) in order to give field staff more leeway when determining their workload.

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