May 2022 Web Release Notes
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Release Date: 19th of May

Featured improvements

Customer Portal BETA: We’re very excited to launch our new Customer Portal, a completely redesigned experience for your clients. The new design focuses on simplicity: we’ve made it easier to navigate, and easier for your customers to find the data they’re looking for, as well as a slick new design. We’ll be launching additional features for the customer portal over the next two releases, sunsetting the old portal in our July release.

View the BETA portal by clicking 'View New Portal' on any client or client group. Your clients will not see any changes to their portal.


Other changes and improvements

  • Automated email to task creation. If you’re receiving automated workorder emails from a major client, Uptick can now convert those emails directly into a task. This works with both PDF attachments (previously supported), and plain-text emails. Contact support for or see our knowledge base for information on setting this up.

  • Decimal custom fields. Previously, customers needed to use plain-text custom fields if they wanted a decimal place on a numeric reading (e.g. to capture labour rates against a contractor, or mega-ohms against an asset). The new decimal field allows decimal places while forcing valid numerical input.

  • Itemised Billing Contracts. If your invoicing requires multiple lineitems per routine-level (e.g. separate site fees), you can now set that up within Billing Contracts.

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