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June 2022 Web Release Notes
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Release Date: 16th of June

Featured improvements

Faster, simpler importing! Introducing a faster, simpler way to bulk upload data. We’ve improved our import templates and made it easier to match your column headings on the fly.

With Column mapping you can now map your columns to the correct uptick field after you’ve uploaded a file, removing scenarios where you need to re-upload if you didn’t get the column name correct on the first try.

We've also added Better import templates which now have additional context in each template specifying whether a field is required or not, the data type (e.g. number, text), the description of the field, and some rows of example data from your server. This makes it easier to understand the format of data required when doing bulk uploads.

Deep dive

Importer mapping tool

There is a new step in the importer which will allow you to map your columns to the correct Uptick field. This tool will automatically match the columns in your spreadsheet to fields it recognises, removing the need to edit your column names before importing.


This tool also gives you the option to 'skip column' if you don't want the data in that spreadsheet imported.

Better Importer Templates

Use our importer templates to help you build a spreadsheet of data to import. These templates now contain additional context about the data you are trying to import, including whether a field is required or not, the data type (e.g. number, text), the description of the field, and some rows of example data from your server.

Example of an asset import guide:


Example of a property import guide:


Other changes and improvements

The new Scheduler is now the default. The new scheduler is now the default way to schedule. We’ve made it faster to adjust and re-organise technicians schedules with drag and drop, and some finishing touches based on feedback from our beta users.

Get ready for the new customer portal. The new customer portal now covers all of the old customer portal functionality, so it’s the right time to take your important customers through it and provide us with any feedback. The new customer portal will become the default in the next release, and the old customer portal will no longer be available. View the new portal by clicking 'View New Portal' on any client or client group.

Take a peak at the Premium customer portal. Features from Uptick’s popular Uptick Compliance product have made it into the premium customer portal, which you can now make available to your top customers. The premium portal enables customisation, and advanced functionality like rectification management, spend tracking, lifecycle maintenance planning, and white-labelling. Check it out by clicking 'Customise' when viewing the new portal.

Bulk download report PDFs Multiple reports can now be downloaded into a zip file via the reports list. This can be helpful if a customer requires a monthly batch upload into a facility management system, or needs to make all documents available for an audit.


Billing contracts. If properties have been placed on hold and should not receive fixed invoicing, you can now easily filter out these properties during your billing contract invoice generation process.

Purchase Orders. To provide additional financial governance controls we’ve locked down editing some fields on purchase orders unless the purchase order is in a Draft status.

Asset based servicing. We’re continuing to improve our asset based servicing (vs property based servicing) capability, and have resolved a range of issues. We’ve also renamed the “major servicing” dashboard to ‘Non contracted servicing’ to better reflect the range of work available in this tab.

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