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Getting to know your BSecure stickers
Getting to know your BSecure stickers
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You might be wondering, what is BSecure? Add a QR Uptick sticker (QR code) on any asset or property so clients, and you, can later scan and discover asset details, service history and maintenance information, anywhere, any time. The information can be easily accessed via any device using the camera and scanning the QR code.

How you can use bSecure stickers in the field

bSecure on Properties

This allows you to store all the public knowledge information about that property and can be set up via placing a bSecure sticker on the property in a safe place.

  1. Open the Uptick App > open a task

  2. Tap on that task's property and click Connect

  3. The camera will activate, allowing you to scan the sticker


Once connected, from the web view files can be managed on the bSecure tab of a property. Any documents you add into that folder will be exposed to anyone that scans the property bSecure sticker onsite. This doesn't have any access control and is open to anyone that scans the sticker, so only upload files that you want made openly available to the public.

Note: This feature doesn't support folder structures, only individual files.

bSecure on Assets

This allows the servicing history for that asset to all be kept in one place and easily accessible to anyone that scans the sticker. This is a great selling tool for you as your client and tenants can be kept in the loop at all times.

  1. Open the Uptick App > open a task > tap the Work tab

  2. Tap on an asset > Edit Asset > tap the Scan button under bSECURE

  3. The camera will activate, allowing you to scan the sticker

  4. Tap Save


When re-attending site, the physical sticker on the asset now ALSO acts as a finding tool for your technicians. They just need to open the task in the Uptick app, use the barcode scanner in the Work tab to simply scan the sticker onsite, and that asset will popup in your Uptick app to start servicing.

bSecure on Digital Logbooks

NOTE: Where AS1851-2102 is regulated, a physical copy of a logbook is required to be left onsite. This is something uptick does not support. We are continually working with regulators to improve on compliance and will ensure we communicate this effectively when updates are completed. Until then, please contact your relevant authority to confirm these requirements.

This allows you to link up and access virtual cabinets to keep Digital Logbook entries. The sticker can be placed in an appropriate location such as the logbook cabinet of a property.

  1. Open the digital logbooks app

  2. Tap on the 3 dots in the bottom-right corner then choose the map pin icon

  3. Tap Create Cabinet

  4. Provide a Name and Location Description, then tap Click to Scan BSecure Sticker

  5. The camera will activate, allowing you to scan the sticker

  6. Tap Create Cabinet


When a technician goes to add a logbook entry, they can scan the sticker to go straight the cabinet and complete the Digital Logbook for the task.

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