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Adding remarks and products from the office

How to add remarks and suggest products using the Uptick desk view via a web browser

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Remarks are added against failed assets, or those that couldn't be tested for reasons such as lack of access. When a remark is added it will automatically bring in the description and resolution as set up in the appropriate remark type.


The steps below explain adding remarks to an asset in the context of a task. Although the Service button appears next to asset listings in general and remarks can be added outside of a task. However, if done this way they will not appear in service reports, so doing it from the task is highly recommended.

Add a remark against an asset

  1. From a task click the Work tab, then click Service next to the asset.

  2. A pop-up window will appear. Click Fail or No Test > Add Remarks.

  3. You will presented with a list of remarks to search or scroll through. Select the appropriate remark and make any changes or add notes if required, then click Save Remark.

  4. The remark is now added and will appear under the Pass/Fail/No Test buttons. Click on the pencil icon to edit the remark, verify it and add photos if required. Make sure to click Verify Remark after adding photos or Update Remark after any edits.

  5. Click Save.


Add a product against an existing remark

This will have the same functionality as when the product is suggested on the remark using the app and will pull through to the resulting defect quote raised from the task.

Note: There must already be an existing remark against the asset or else there won't be any relevant marks to select.

  1. From the Work tab of the task, click Add Repair Item

  2. In the pop-up modal search for the applicable Asset

  3. Search for and select the existing Remark to add the product against

  4. Specify the quantity

  5. Click Add

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