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How do I change my display preferences on the app?
How do I change my display preferences on the app?
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Changing the default display preferences

If you'd like to change the display settings for all of your field users, you can contact Uptick support and we can assist in setting this up for you.

If you'd like to know how each user can change their own settings, see below.

How do I change the asset/task display preferences?

  • Head to the About tab in the iOS/Android app

  • Under the heading Settings (iOS) or Customise (Android), tap Asset/Task Display Details

  • Select (+)/ remove (-) the fields you'd like to be visible.




Important notes:

  • Fields will be ignored if the mobile client does not recognise them.

  • User preferences will override server settings.

  • Users can revert to server settings by opening the Task/Asset Edit and pressing the “Reset” button at the bottom.

  • The iOS app supports this, however Android support will follow soon.

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