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Introducing the Android App (Comparison of features to iOS included)
Introducing the Android App (Comparison of features to iOS included)
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Uptick’s been the leader in the space for seven years with a super high quality, reliable and native Apple app. To avoid spreading ourselves thin we’ve focussed only on a brilliant experience on Apple devices.


As we’ve grown, we’ve been listening to what the market wants and as a result, Android has come a long way in device reliability and software usability. It’s now at a point where we’re confident we can deliver the same amazing Uptick experience on Android platform, and we’re very excited to announce Uptick’s Workforce app for our Australian and New Zealand android customers.

The android platform has its own user interface style, and we’ve tried to match that within the Uptick app to ensure your techs love it, and are able to get up and running quickly benefitting from the consistency. Now there’s really no excuse not to use Uptick!

What benefits will users of Uptick's Workforce app for Android see?

The ability to really kick-start your workday:

Workforce gives users a clear view of your workload, allowing you to be your most productive and efficient version of yourself.

The power to work Online or Offline:

Access your work anywhere, at any-time, with real-time syncing. And when we say real-time, we mean literal seconds!

Quick building access:

Easily find building instructions and contact lists.

Easy servicing:

Quickly pass or fail an asset with one touch serving rather than having to deal with mountains of admin.

Intuitive and easy to use app:

Unlike most Android apps which are a carbon-copy of their iOS sibling, Uptick’s Android app follows the best UX practices for the Android platform.

A fresh look:

It’s all about delighting our users with the best user-experience possible.

So, how can you access the app? Simply contact your account manager or reach out to us for a chat.

Android vs iOS

Wondering if Android can do the same for you as iOS? Check out the comparison of features below.


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Download the comparison in PDF below.

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