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Troubleshooting the Android app
Troubleshooting the Android app
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Note: Due to the large variety of phones that run the Android platform and have their own customisations, the instructions given here may not fit with your experience. We have endeavoured to provide instructions that should be similar to most people's experience with Android. If the instructions do not match how your Android device works, please seek support from your device manufacturer.


First steps for troubleshooting on the Android App

  • Make sure you're running the most recent Android operating system. (On most android phones, this can be done by going to Settings > System > System Update).

  • Make sure you're on the most recent Uptick App. (You can check this via the Play Store which is detailed below).

  • Sign out, exit the app, and sign back in again. This sometimes will do the trick.

Common Troubleshooting on the iOS App

Why isn't the task I am looking for showing on my app?

Often the reason you cannot see a task on the app, even if you can see it on the web, is due to the filters on the device.


To change the filters on the app, head to the tasks page.

  • Select the filtering icon on the top right hand side of the screen.

    • Scroll down the bottom of the menu and tap Reset Filters.


  • If you'd like to change the filters manually, you can do this. The most common that need to be changed are:

    • Assigned to me toggle off. The task is likely not assigned to you.

    • Status. Select all statuses to show all tasks.

    • Round, Category, Access Schedule, Service Group, Tolerance. Have these set to All.

    • Due: From and Due: End. Have these blank (which will show "Date).


Refresh the task data

To update the task list, pull down on the screen until you see a circular arrow, then release to refresh the task list.


Log-out and login again

If you haven't logged out and in again recently, the app might need a restart to gather all the recent data. You can do this by either exiting the app (remember to have saved anything you needed if you do this option and ensure there are no pending changes), or logging out via the about tab.

How do I completely exit (or kill) the app?

  • On most Android phones there will be a dedicated task button or a short cut to access the task manager. The task manager will show all your active Android apps as a floating gallery. Swipe up or down on the app to kill the app process.

  • Please visit the support page of the manufacturer of your android device for detailed instructions on launching the task manager.

How do I logout via the about tab?

  • Click on the about tab (with the i).

  • Scroll down, select Sign Out.


How do I check for updates in the app store?

  • Go to the Play Store on your device

  • Tap on the icon next to the search bar (this is your Play Store account profile)

  • Tap on Manage apps and device

  • Under Updates available, tap Update all. It is best practice to update all apps on Android devices as some apps may have dependencies such as the camera.


Sending logs to support

  • If you've been asked to send your logs to our support team, follow the video below.

  • Written instructions for sending your logs to support

    • Head to the about tab

    • Scroll down, select Email. Depending on your android device, this will either open a default email app or bring a suggested list of app to share the file with

If you have tried troubleshooting and still need help, please send us a support ticket.

For urgent onsite issues only please phone our help desk (Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm).

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