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All things Document Templates, Email Templates and Dynamic forms
All things Document Templates, Email Templates and Dynamic forms
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Document Templates

Uptick has default templates which suit most business needs.

If you need to make any changes you can make a template customisation request for a quotation. Our team endeavours to complete change requests in 30 days from the point of quote approval.

Index of our standard ready-made templates


Standard Template


Tax Invoice

Purchase Order


Defect Quote (Itemised w/Prices)
Defect Quote (Itemised w/Qty)
Defect Quote (Description)

Service Quote


Service Report
Service Report (Prompts)

Monthly Report

Call Out Report

Rectification Report

Annual Certification VIC (AESMR)

Annual Certification WA (ASMR)

Annual Certification NSW (AFSS)

Annual Certification NSW (AFSS) Feb 2020

Supplementary AFSS NSW

Supplementary AFSS NSW Feb 2020

Annual Certification QLD (Occupiers Statement)

Annual Certification SA (Form 3)

Annual Certification TAS (Form 56)

Yearly Condition Report

ESM Audit

Doors Report

Means of Egress

Passives/Penetration Report

Asset Register

Forms (Australia & New Zealand)

Take 5

COVID-19 Form

Form 71 (QLD)

Form 72 (QLD)

Forms (UK)

For a list of the UK forms, please reach out to the support team via the chat feature on your server.

Selecting from the template library

To select any of the ready made templates listed in the table above fead to Control Panel > Uptick Template Library > Select Template > Use this Template. This will activate it on your server.

How to Request New Forms for Your Server

If you need to request new forms for your server, please contact the support team directly via the chat feature available on your server.


Edit or create a document template

Uptick does offer a template creation service which you can learn more about in our article on making a template customisation request.

Step 1: From the navigation menu, click on the Control Panel > Document Templates.

Step 2: From the templates editor page, you will be able to find the appropriate document to Edit HTML. You can create a whole new document by selecting the Create Blank button to the right of the screen.

Step 3: Customise your template as required via the template editor. Please note that templates are written in HTML. Use a preview of a recent report to see the changes on the right hand side as you write the code.

Step 4: Once edits are completed, select Save Template.


Email templates

Uptick provides default e-mail templates for you. If you would like to change these, just click Customise next the email template in Control Panel > Email templates.

Uptick offers a paid service for creating custom email templates or editing existing ones. Please raise a support ticket and attach a mock-up template with clear and comprehensive markups to initiate a request and start the quoting process.

Set a specific email address to receive replies

The "From" address of emails coming from Uptick cannot be changed, however you can direct replies to a different email address allowing your customers to respond directly to you from any emails they receive from the template configured with the email address of your choosing. To set a different reply address:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Email templates.

  2. Click Customise next the email template you wish to set a different reply address for.

  3. Fill out the Reply-to string field with the appropriate email address.

  4. Click Save Template.

To edit an email template

Step 1: From the navigation menu, click on the Control Panel tab then select Email Templates.


Step 2: Select the type of template you wish to send and click Edit/Customise. You will be directed to the editing page for the particular e-mail format you selected. This is where you can customise the text in the template.


Step 3: Click Save Template to keep your edits so you do not have to re-enter them the next time.

Creating a new E-mail Template

If you would like to write the email code yourself, please see the below steps.

Step 1: From the navigation menu, click on the Control Panel tab then select Email Templates.

Step 2: Click Create on the emails page.
Step 3: Fill in the fields and write the email code in the console window provided, and select Save when done.

Dynamic forms (pre-start checklists, certificates, JSAs, Take 5's)

Dynamic Forms are an extension on Uptick that needs to be turned in your server before use. Once enabled, this extension allows the creation of custom electronic forms that can be filled out and sent from either a technician's app when onsite or by the office via the web.

For Australia & New Zealand Users

These could be anything from SWMS, JSA's or OH&S's to site-specific paperwork or documents required by a specific client. Just like your reports in Uptick, they can be customised for a cost. We offer a Take 5 and a COVID-19 Prestart Checklist as a free template for you to start with, just ask support.

For UK Users

These could be anything from Fire Alarm Installation Checklists, Risk Assessments or Certificates. Just like your reports in Uptick, they can be customised for a cost. We offer a library of forms, certificates and checklists ready for use, if you do not have access to these on your server, please send a message to our support team and they can assist you.

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