Creating a shortlist of remarks for a certain asset type, and then suggesting repair products for that particular remark is a great tool to not only help you and your technicians raise accurate and consistent remarks quickly, it also helps quote and create repairs more effectively.

See the steps below on how to add what we call Remark Types for your technicians to choose from when failing a particular asset.

Step 1: Click Control Panel โ†’ Asset Types and then view the Asset Type you wish to add Remark Types for.

Step 2: Click Add Remark Type

Step 3: Fill out the Remark Type

Label: Short description of the fault

Severity: Pick of available options

Description: Description that will show up on reports and quotes.

Resolution: Resolution that will show up on reports and quotes.

Inspection Criteria (optional): Will appear on IOS app for technicians to see.

Standard (optional): Can be added to reports and quotes.

Suggested Products: Products that you want to suggest to the office and field when quoting for this particular fault.


Note: Remark Types for one or several Asset Types can be imported into the system in bulk, simply read this article here for more information about importing Remark Types.

Adding suggested products to your Remark Types

Simply go to Control Panel > Remark Types and edit any remark types you wish to add suggested products to. This cannot be done in bulk.

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