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Realtime activity dashboard and activity reports
Realtime activity dashboard and activity reports
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This article covers some of the tools you can use to track the activity of your field staff including using the Realtime Activity Dashboard and the Technician task activity reports.

Extensions required:

  • Timesheets

  • Sessions

Field staff need to make sure they are pressing play/pause when performing their tasks as well as submitting their timesheets in the app or else the timesheet data won't be captured.

When properly submitted, you'll be able to see the time your field staff spent in 3 main places.

  1. Insights and Reports > Realtime activity dashboard. This allows you to see the following

Realtime technician activity (map)

Also viewable on the main dashboard.

This map view shows you the current locations of the following:

  • Technicians
    (indicated by initials)

  • Active tasks
    (the smaller dots, indicated by task status colour)


The name of the technician


The time the technician started performing tasks

Today's Sessions

A timeline that displays travelling time and performing time


Displays by percentage how much time was spent travelling compared to performing work onsite

Performed Service tasks

The number of service tasks performed so far

Remark Events

The number of Remarks that have been:

  • Added (+)

  • Resolved (-)

  • Verified (tick).


2. Insights and Reports > Legacy > Activity
This shows you the detailed breakdown of the sessions submitted for the month. The current month is shown by default, though you can use the arrows to back and forth between months.


Top tip: By clicking Show Audit Log you can see raw data, allowing you to see the discrepancies between system tracked sessions vs session times changed by the technician. This page also allows you to see the distance between the field staff and the task when the session began, allowing you to verify if they were onsite at the time.


3. On the Timesheet module, the hours will be totalled and can be reviewed and approved by going to Tools > Timesheets > Click on the coloured blocks next to specific member of your field staff. You can view, submit, approve and trash sessions from this page.

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