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Did you know Uptick has inbuilt business reporting? This means at the click of a button you can see data like how many properties you maintain, how many assets you maintain, how many staff, clients, contractors or even tenancies you have in Uptick.

Several of the pages in Uptick's Insights and Reporting have interactive graphs or images. Check it out below:


Using the navigation bar > Insights and Reports

In this page you have access to the following reporting

  • Business

    • Dashboards

    • Clients

  • Finance

    • Profitability

    • Invoicing

    • Revenue Forecast

  • Properties

    • Property Insights

  • Legacy (these sections are being consolidated into other sections and will be phased out over time)

    • Activity

    • Maintenance

    • Billables

    • On hold report

    • Sales

    • Products

    • Operations

    • Data Review

BI Reporting

Have you heard about our new BI reporting module?

A paid module, delivering incredible custom built reporting to suit your business needs. Get in touch with us to find out more!

Operations Dashboard

How does the expected line work?

It looks at all your inspection routine maintenance tasks for the month, and calculates how many you'll have to complete each work day in order to stay on track and complete them by the end of the month. It uses their due date and task category for this.

How does the performed (blue) line work?

This data is received via how many of the above tasks are marked as performed.

How does the completed (green) line work?

This data is received via how many of the above tasks are marked as completed.

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