1. Enable the extensions required for the ESM process

    • ESMs

    • Auditor: Signoffs

  2. Get the AESMR reporting templates enabled on your server by an Upticker, they will also link this to be an expected report of your routines/service contract when that is setup.

  3. Setup a AESMR routine/service contract to occur annually, if required. Make sure this is linked to the relevant asset types.

  4. Populate ESM's on a property.

  5. Generate an AESMR task via the routine/service contract on that property, which should be linked to pull through the relevant asset types.

  6. Pass, fail and add remarks when auditing.

  7. Create AESMR report when required.

How to populate the report

AESMR template

Uptick field

Building/s and/or place of public entertainment (place)

Properties Building type, name and address fields

If applicable, provide details of occupancy permit/s (dated on or after 1 July 1994), maintenance determination/s or maintenance schedule issued for building/place.

Schedule from property

ESM/s required to be maintained in accordance with AS 1851โ€”2005 or equivalent standard published before 5 September 2005.

If extra fields asset standard = yes

Relevant Occupancy Permit/s, Maintenance Schedule or Maintenance Determination/s

(Insert reference number and date)

Schedule from property

ESMs inspected / tested / maintained

Passed ESMs/Assets onsite

Name and address of entity who performed inspection, testing or maintenance

Contractor assigned to those ESM's/Assets details

Date of inspection report/s prepared by the municipal building surveyor

N/A unless otherwise advised

Inspection report number, where applicable.

N/A unless otherwise advised

Owner/Agent Print Name

Report technician


Report issued date


Report technician signature

Owners name

Property client name, property client primary contact name

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