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The below explains how to set up the AESMR certification process in Uptick.

  1. Ask Uptick to enable the 'ESM' extension. This extension allows you to create essential safety measures in your system which will pull onto your AESMR.

  2. Create an AESMR routine with relevant ESMs.

  3. Add your ESMs and AESMR routine to the relevant properties.

    1. The AESMR task should represent when the report should be generated and completed by the office. Give yourself enough time to process the report.

    2. The Contractor field on an ESM should represent which contractor maintains it

  4. Install our default AESMR template by going to Control Panel > Document Templates > Uptick Template Library.

  5. The report created on the produced task will pick up all ESMs on the task's property.

    1. To edit which ESMs are included or excluded from the report go to Control Panel > Report types > edit your AESMR > update the 'Applicable Assets' and 'Excluded Assets' sections as applicable.

How to populate the AESMR report

AESMR template

Uptick field

Building/s and/or place of public entertainment (place)

The property's building type, name and address

If applicable, provide details of occupancy permit/s (dated on or after 1 July 1994), maintenance determination/s or maintenance schedule issued for building/place.

All Property Schedules setup on the property

ESM/s required to be maintained in accordance with AS 1851β€”2005 or equivalent standard published before 5 September 2005.

This section will list any ESMs where the esm's type's 'Asset Standard' custom field is populated with 'Yes'. It will also only bring in ESMs that aren't labelled as 'Silent'.

Relevant Occupancy Permit/s, Maintenance Schedule or Maintenance Determination/s

(Insert reference number and date)

All Property Schedules setup on the property

ESMs inspected / tested / maintained

All ESMs that are Passed and aren't Silent

Name and address of entity who performed inspection, testing or maintenance

Contractor assigned to those ESMs (name, address, BH, email)

Date of inspection report/s prepared by the municipal building surveyor

Report's inspected date and your company's name

Inspection report number, where applicable.

Current task ref and the report's ref

Owner/Agent Print Name

Report's technician


Your company's name


Report's issued date


Report's technician signature

Owners name

Property client name, property client primary contact name

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