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Why are the tables in the service quote going missing? 
Why are the tables in the service quote going missing? 
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Why are the tables in the service quote going missing?

When a service quote is created from a property, but the client is different than the property, the routines/services table will not appear.

This is a design choice by our product team due to the functionality becoming confusing if the quote is approved and completed. Essentially, we wouldn't expect users to be quoting programme maintenance for a new client on the same property where another client was already set, because if it gets approved, the property cannot have 2 clients anyway.

If you've noticed the table was once there and you populated it, and now it isn't, don't worry, the information hasn't gone missing, it is just hidden. The reason it has gone missing, is due to the client changing on the service quote's property in the stages between drafting of the quote and approval. Changing the client back to the initial client on the property will repopulate those tables, or else follow the below fix steps.

The fix:

  • Change the client to be the same as the property or

  • Unlink the quote from the original property which is managed by another client, and describe a new property in the service quote. (You cannot have 2 clients on 1 property, so if the quote does get approved and go ahead, you'll need a seperate property to manage that new client's requests anyway).

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