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What is the difference between a Defect Quote and a Service Quote?
What is the difference between a Defect Quote and a Service Quote?
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Defect Quotes and Service Quotes may look similar in how they are performed but they have specific use cases.

Creating new Quotes side-by-side:


At a glance you can see that the setup pages for a Service Quote and a Defect Quote are different.

The Service Quote use case

  • A new client requesting new services on a property

  • Setting up a service contract between you and a customer

  • Quoting once-off works for existing customers and properties (callouts, installations, etc.)

Service Quotes are used because they streamline the process of setting up routines and repair work for new clients and properties. All the details you enter into the service quote will automatically be added to the new property and client upon completion of the service quote.

The Defect Quote use case

  • Quotes required once initial inspection has been carried out and defects have been found

  • Adding line items for products and chargeable works for rectifying defects

Defect quotes should be created when a technician has already been onsite and has found non-compliant assets. The remarks raised against the asset indicate repairs required or actions to take to achieve compliance.

In Summary

  • If the client and/or property doesn't exist yet in the system, a Service Quote is where you'll need to start, especially if the request for quote is for routine work. These are automatically transferred to the property or client when the Service Quote is approved/completed as well as any Routines. Billing Contracts need to be setup manually after this.

  • For existing clients and properties, Defect Quotes are raised when a tech finds a non-compliant asset when completing a routine maintenance task or callout task.

  • When client and property data are already in the system, with routines and billing contracts in place, Service quotes can be used for quoting contracts in arrears, or for any work requested by the client such as callouts, installations, or any other work where defect quoting is not applicable.

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