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Invoicing troubleshooting
Invoicing troubleshooting
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Why are invoices duplicating?

Invoices often duplicate due to the following reasons:

  • A staff member has manually created a duplicate in the accounting system, therefore there are 2 invoices (the one originally from Uptick, and the new manually created one).

  • The invoice was detached from it's partner in the accounting system and forgotten to be re-attached. It is important to note if you are detaching invoices to re-connect them as soon as you possibly can to avoid duplicates. You do not have to detach the invoice in order to update this, you can actually update the invoice in Xero then click the 'Sync' button.

Helpful tip: Set this as a favourite and never leave any un-linked overnight. Make sure to pop your url into the link. Eg.
โ€‹https:// your url

To edit an invoice after it has been sent

Once an invoice has been created, it typically will be synced to your accounting partner, but only the overall total, and not all the individual line item values. In order to edit the invoice now it's been linked to the partner, you can one of the following:

Option 1

If you're only concerned about the total, change this value on the accounting partner side, then sync the invoice from the Uptick side, making sure you re-generate the PDF so it shows the updated total.


Option 2

Void the invoice in the accounting partner and then sync the invoice in Uptick to update the status the Uptick status as VOID, then raise a new invoice with the correct details.

Invoice status not updated after successful dispatch

Normally the status of the invoice will change from Draft to Authorised upon the successful dispatch of the task. There are instances where the status will not sync with the accounting partner in real time. In such situations you can:

  • Wait overnight for the invoice status to sync

  • Alternatively, if you wish to sync the status of the invoice immediately, View the invoice then click Sync in the (Accounting Partner Name) Integration section of the invoice


Gateway timeout (error 504)

This is an error that can occur with any accounting partner, and the message text may differ depending on which accounting partner you use. The terms "gateway timeout" and "error 504" and typically seen in these types of messages.

Sometimes a dispatch can fail due to the accounting partner connection timing out, resulting in an error message. If you retry the dispatch after getting this error you run the risk of duplicating the invoice as it may have still been generated in the accounting partner before the error message appeared. To minimise that risk, take the following steps:

  1. Go into the accounting partner and check to see if the invoice was generated.

  2. If the invoice exists in accounting partner, void the invoice.

  3. Once you have voided the invoice, go back to Uptick and retry the dispatch.

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