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This article explains what each invoice status means in the world of Uptick. With the exception of Draft and Deleted, the status of an invoice is determined by the status as it exists in the accounting partner. As the Uptick status may differ in name to the accounting partner status, use the table below to find out how each invoice status is set based on the Accounting parter you use.

Note: This article only covers the default supported accounting partners. If your business uses a custom setup you may need to refer to the support documentation of your accounting partner to learn their definitions of unpaid, paid and credited invoices.


Uptick generated status


The initial status of the invoice once created. While in this status line items can be added, subtracted or edited. This is the only invoice status where changes and updates can be made from within Uptick.


Status of the invoice once it's been deleted (will also change to this if deleted from the accounting partner side).

(View > Update > Delete > Confirm Delete)

You can only delete an invoice while it is still in Draft, though this won't completely delete the invoice from Uptick and will simply hide it from view by default. You can always find the deleted invoice by filtering for the Deleted status in the Invoices dashboard.

Accounting partner dependent status

Uptick Invoice Status







Invoice has a non-zero balance.




Invoice has a balance of zero.


Note: Creating a credit from within Uptick is currently not supported. The invoice needs to be credited from the accounting partner in order for the invoice to be updated to this status.

Not Supported


Not Supported

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