Why do I have duplicated billing cards?

Billing card duplication can occur when you have an existing billing card already linked to the accounting partner, then you change the billing card on a property and create a new one.


The new billing card will not be linked to the accounting partner by default and you will receive the following error when you try to dispatch:


In order to fix this problem, you'll need to detach the unwanted billing card from the accounting partner, make the billing card inactive, then attach the new billing card to the accounting partner. Please be aware that billing cards previously attached will give the error below if you try to create a new link on a billing card with the same name that was previously linked:


Detach duplicate billing cards and making them inactive

  1. Go to the billing card you want made inactive by clicking Billing > Billing Cards > View the billing card you want to detach

  2. In the (Accounting Partner) Integration section, click Detach


  3. To make the billing card inactive, click UPDATE, uncheck Active and then click Save Billing Card


Linking a different billing card

In order to relink, make sure the billing card is already created. If you're unsure about steps to creating a billing card you can get a refresher by checking out our article that covers everything about billing cards.

On a Property

When viewing a property, click Billing, then click CHANGE under the Billing Card section. Select the right billing card from the drop-down menu. If required, toggle Update related Tasks to have all active tasks related to this property linked to the chosen billing card. When ready, click Save.


On a Client

When viewing a Client, click CHANGE under the Billing Card section. Select the right billing card from the drop-down menu, then click Save and update active tasks.

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