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Understanding included labour in callout products
Understanding included labour in callout products
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For products that require charging for labour such as callouts, you can configure the labour charges by doing the following:

  1. Go to Billing > Product Catalog

  2. View a product then click Update

  3. Under the Callout section, set the Included labour and Labour increment


Included labour

The included labour describes the first hour of labour being charged according to the Unit price of the product

Labour increment

The labour increment is the time margin by which the labour charge will increase beyond the initial included labour.

(i.e. if the unit price is $100, the included labour is 60 minutes and the increment is 30 minutes, the expected additional charge after that 60 minutes has passed will be $50).

Currently, labour increments are not automatically applied to tasks if included labour is exceeded. To trial beta features around the labour increment, contact our support team.

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