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How are tasks archived and what does it mean?
How are tasks archived and what does it mean?
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Once all aspects of the task process have been performed and completed, the task should be archived. The default settings for dispatching a task are configured to complete and archive the task when the Dispatch to client button is clicked.

Archiving tasks ensures that the task is placed out of sight once everything that needed to be addressed for that task has been addressed.


How a task is archived

Tasks can be archived in one of the following ways:

  • When selected as an option to archive the task upon completion during dispatch.

  • Setting the status to Archived manually by clicking the Archive button at the bottom of the Process section.


What it does

Tasks that are archived are considered inactive and will not appear on the Tasks dashboard with the default filters applied. This ensures that the tasks that no longer require your attention are kept out of sight so you can focus on on the ones that do. This also applies to the app.

Viewing archived tasks

An archived task is not the same thing as a deleted task, as it will still be on the system and can still be viewed by setting the Is active filter to No on the Tasks dashboard. Deleted tasks on the other hand, are not retrievable once they are deleted.

Requirements for archiving tasks

In order to be able to archive a task:

  • Any Actions placed against the task must be completed.

  • Any billable items need to be invoiced, otherwise the system will present the following warning:


    You can still choose to force archival, though this is not recommended.

  • You can also change the status of the task to Cancelled, which will allow you to archive without meeting any other conditions or requirements.

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