Customers can integrate their Locatrix account to Uptick, allowing for the floor plans located in Locatrix to be uploaded against a property. If you don't have an account and are interested in having digitally illustrated floorplans hosted with locatrix, you can start by visiting their website.

This article outlines the required configuration steps to get your Locatrix integration up and running.

Connecting Locatrix to Uptick

Uploading floorplans from Locatrix

  1. From a Property, click Assets > Floorplans > Add Level.

  2. Provide a Name and click Create.

  3. Click Upload floor plan > Locatrix > search for the floor plan.

  4. Select the floor plan from the search results and wait for the import to occur. Depending on the size of the plan it may take up to a minute.

  5. Once done the rest of the steps are the same as Uploading a floorplan internally (Step 4 onwards)


Changing an existing floorplan

  1. Select the level and click Edit Level at the top of the illustration.

  2. Follow Step 3 onwards from the uploading steps above.

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