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Uptick API - Getting started
Uptick API - Getting started
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You can allow other applications to access the Uptick API via OAuth by generating a Client ID and a Client secret. Once this has been generated, you can then provide this information during the API connection process of the application you wish to connect.

Generate Client ID and secret

  1. Click Control Panel > Uptick API.

  2. Click Create Application. On the next page the Client id and Client secret are automatically generated.

  3. Provide a name, then click Save New Application.

  4. Once saved, you'll be taken back to the Uptick API page and the application will be listed.

  5. You can now use this Client ID and secret to connect the Uptick API with your application.

Delete Client ID and secret

To delete simply go to the Uptick API page and click Edit > Delete > Confirm.


Postman collections

Sample files and steps for setting up a Postman collection are available here.

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