In this article you can find sample files for configuring Postman to interact with the Uptick API. There are two files linked at the bottom of this article for download:

  • Environment file

  • Postman collection
    (Example Uptick Requests.postman_collection.json)

You can follow this guide to learn how to set up and use these files with Postman.


Setting up the environment file

You will need to include the Client ID and Client secret as part of the set-up. To generate the Client ID and Client Secret, follow the steps covered in our article on connecting to the Uptick API.

  1. Fill out the environment file with the following details:

    • Tenant

    • Username

    • Password

    • Client ID

    • Client secret

  2. Once you've filled out the details, save and activate this environment within postman.

Using the Postman collection

There are three example requests included in this Postman collection:

  • List clients, which demonstrates how you can list the set of clients within Uptick.

  • Get single client, which returns the first client in the system (providing the client exists).

  • Create Property, which will create a new property in the system.
    (Note of caution: As this will create a new property in the system you may want to exclude this example request. If you do wish to use it, please understand that you will be proceeding at your own risk)

In order for these requests to work you will need to hit the Get New Access Token button under Example Uptick Requests > Authorization.

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