May 2019 - Website Release
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  • Property Forms and Service Quotes now show to clients on the Customer Portal

  • Storing documents on the Client Group profile is now available.

  • Purchase orders can now be edited in any status if you have the 'Can manage purchase orders' permission.


  • The Customer Portal has had some graph changes to help usability, see below for more detail.

  • Weekly and Fortnightly recurring appointments now work as intended, by using the task due date and finding the closest specified day of that week.

  • Monthly Tolerancing on Routines

  • Property branch column has been added to the Property CSV download

  • You can now duplicate appointments.

  • Home address and Mobile can now be added to an account profile to help detail reports and add more information to user profiles


1. Customer Portal

- Pie charts have replaced bar charts for the Compliance at a glance section.

- We are now counting Informational remarks as 'Compliant'.

- If enabled, the Rectifications module is now on the portal. You'll be able to find the 'create a rectification' button, per property, in the Asset Types section.

- For customers on Service Contracts, your billing contracts will now be highlighted in your Program Maintenance schedule table to help differentiate those contracts.


2. Monthly Tolerances (Routines Only)

In order to help you access more of the benefits of the Routines module, we have been through your completed Routine Tasks and calculated the mean date these Tasks were completed and from this, then calculated and adjusted the tolerance period to five days. This adjustment will give you and your clients a much better and more accurate look at the work you have been completing and will hopefully turn any 'out of tolerance' property schedule blocks green in the Customer Portal.

Moving forward, we have given access (when you edit the Routine Level) to adjust the tolerance date of all Routine levels. The tolerance date is the middle day of this 5 day tolerance period.

Please note changing or adding a tolerance date to a new or existing routine level and making it completely different to the other level's tolerance dates on that property will make it very hard to complete a task within tolerance and therefore turn the routine's schedule block green. Also note that if the date selected is in the past, all the tolerance dates will be changed for the completed routines after that date, so change with caution!

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